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  • 12 # Date: 2017-09-09 - 16:38
  • # Max Depth: 5.5m Duration: 32mins
Dive Profile

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  • Temp: Surf 17°C Bottom 17°C
  • Dive type : Training
  • Visibility: Bad Water: Fresh
Specific gear used
  • Weights: 6 kg
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  • Dive buddies: Patrik.m

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Dive Profile

  • 1. Air
  • 10L Steel     270 → 170 bar
  • Average depth: 3.1m
  • SAC: 2.39 bar/min
  • RMV: 23.9 L/min
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Species Identified

Perca fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758 (European perch) Perch live in schools, often mixing with other species of fish, usually in the top 50 metres of water. Spawning takes place in April, the very sticky eggs being produced in bands. Females twine these bands around submerged...
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Aurelia aurita (Linnaeus, 1758) (moon jelly) The common jellyfish is carnivorous, and feeds mainly on a variety of planktonic species such as molluscs, crustaceans, young worms and copepods . The plankton is caught in a layer of mucus that covers the jellyfish. Tiny ...
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