Meet the crew

We're from all over the world, with a passion for scuba diving we were daring to share.
We're no professional divers, just enthusiasts willing to share their passions for the ocean and make the best of vacation time to discover new amazing places!
So we spend our free time building Diveboard - hope you like it!

Alexander Casassovici

Alex is a serial entrepreneur, occasional code monkey (especially since the start of Diveboard).
He got hooked to diving while passing his PADI openwater on the French Riviera. He's now a CMAS 2* As a computer geek he loves the metrics and the gadgets - he got his hands early on a Mares M2 dive computer and a underwater housing for his Olympus µ camera. Probably time to upgrade both of those!
Alex focuses on the Web and cuddles the servers.

Pascal Manchon

Pascal has been spending a lot of time doing IT Project/Program Management for big corporations, especially for Telco operators.
DiveBoard has been the highly inspiring occasion of reconnecting with first loves: coding C++ and HTML/Javascript.

He discovered scuba diving a few years ago and really got addicted when diving on especially beautiful sites like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Now he's always looking for places where to go next!

Richard Magness

Richard is the design wiz. He is the mastermind behind the "WOW" effect of Diveboard.

And the fans!

Special thanks to all of you who helped us debug, test, think out Diveboard and who responded to our enthusiasm or .
Stéphanie, Steve, Bruno, Sara, Jean-Michel, Arthur, Franck, Alexis, Luke, Calou, Bertrand, Sam, Christopher, Dick, Brook, Edward, Kyle...

Special thanks to Christopher, creator of Scubamap, who was kind enough to share with us its database of about 1000 dive spots mostly located in both north and south America. We appreciate your support!

Also many thanks to David,, who gave a hand for porting the plugin code to Linux.


Since Diveboard started, we understood that each and every scuba diver is a scientist.
Our observations are valuable data that can help better understand our environment or how body functions under pressure.
As a consequence, we support those organizations, sharing anonymized raw data with them and trying to make the world a better place.

DAN - Diver's Alert Network

DAN is a not-for-profit worldwide organization that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, and underwrites a wide range of research, education and training programs that promote safe diving.


GBIF, WoRMS and IOBIS agregate and share biodiversity data and enable users to search species datasets from all of the world.