Diveboard: Your Online Scuba Logbook

Introduce yourself

You can personalize your logbook to display your favorite underwater picture of yourself, and to add some description about you (diving-centric only! it's no dating site!). This may help fellow-divers to understand what kind of dives you do: tech, recreational, for photography,...
Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, these informations are completely optional.

View all your dives at a glance

All your dives are easily accessible through the logbook navigation bar. For even more clarity, you can group your dives by trip.

Keep your memories vivid

Add pictures and videos to your logbook to makes your experiences even more vivid. When you mark down a species, we let you visualize by providing generic pictures of the animal, thus helping your both memorize the species name and revive that encounter.

Upload your dive profiles

If you have a dive computer that can be connected to a computer, chances are we already support it! Download our plugin, plug your computer in and we'll be able to import all the profiles it has in its memory.
Have you been using another proprietary software to store those for some time now ? We can probably import those in a glimpse!

Easy as 1,2,3

Just login to Diveboard, hit "New dive" in the top menu, enter a few infos such as the date, maximum depth and dive time and save: your dive is logged!

Advanced 'tech' features

For all the advanced tech divers around, or simply the data lovers, we are working on adding features meaningful to you. For instance, you'll be able to log multiple tanks air consumption, and we'll calculate SAC for you.

Diveboard is your online scuba logbook: you can add as many details as you like. But of course, if you prefer to log only the basic parameters, you can also!