Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Average on surface: 27ºC

Average on bottom: 26ºC














Average depth: 18.06m


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Diving in Mexico, Cozumel - By Etienne

By Etienne - Punta Tunich

Diving in Mexico, Cozumel - By Pinky

By Pinky - Dalila Reef

By Luis Felipe - Cañonero C 58

Diving in Mexico, Tulum - By Zsispeo

By Zsispeo - Cenotes Dos Ojos Barbie Lane

Diving in Mexico, Akumal - By Zsispeo

By Zsispeo - The Two Towers

Diving in Mexico, Cancun - By Jason Smith

By Jason Smith








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First Cenote dive ever. I had read the reviews and tips from other divers on the web. But at the end, did not know what to expect. As we started the drive from the dive shop (about 35 min), and since I was the only diver in this trip Nando (a local celebrity) the DM asked me what I wanted to see. I told him I was interested in taking some pictures and have heard about cenotes like dos ojos. At the end he decided for Chac Mool since it is a better location for pictures and the weather conditions promised good lighting. The briefing was very thorough in terms of what to expect, safety, water conditions and the kind of experience the cenote diving would be. I know it is not considered cave diving for most people, but for me, this was my first dive in a completely enclosed environment. Cenote water is mostly fresh water edging on the cold side but there are places where salt and fresh water mix and the effect can be clearly identified since the visibility conditions abruptly change. It is like spreading some Vaseline in the mask! Water was colder that I expected but he 6mm wetsuit kept me very comfortable. I learned about the rule of thirds that cave divers use: 1 third of gas to go down, 1 third of gas to dive/explore, 1 third of gas to surface. Cenotes are not full of marine live, but that does not affect how breathtaking this dive was, the cave decorations (stalactites and stalagmites) the amazing underwater lighting effects and the unlimited visibility made this dive one of the best experiences ever. I managed to take some great pictures and learn a lot of a natural environment that can only be found in this region.

COZUMEL, MEXICO Caballito Del Caribe 1325-1416 A lot of fun on this one. Israel (Caballito's DM) redeemed himself. He brought down a jar of turkey and brought the fish out big time! By the time we finished, we had three large Nassau groupers and a branch of larger chubs surrounding us. Several spotted morays but the features was a medium-sized green moray who liked the turkey. Paul said he nibbled on my fin once when I was pointing something out to Wendy. Israel and I got up close to the green moray. The moray must have wondered what my jar-shaped noisemaker (rattle) was, because he came close several times to get a better look at it. Good dive!

Sonny, my guide switched my computer to the loaner reg. This dive was even better than the last! It was amazing to come up through the helocline from the salt water into the fresh - it looked like I was floating in a lake. There, the Chac-mool cenote was covered in algae giving it a stained glass ceiling effect. There were a lot of stalactites which was amazing. At one point we came into an air filled dome within the cave that had a lot of stalactites and tree roots coming down from the top. Probably my favorite dive so far!

Fun Dive 15 (cavern) - Saw stalactites, crystal formations, stalagmites - After 23 minutes we surfaced to open air cave with air tunnel to surface. - Saw dead tarantula floating in the water, worm webs and stalactites (100 years every inch of growth). - Went to giant open area with cloudy bottom - like looking at the clouds over a mountain or some crazy Lord of the Rings shit. It was bananas. - Viz was 300+ feet, there was no end to how far you could see.

Loads of fish. Kayla actually touched a sea turtle. Very large crabs & lobsters - most likely get so big as this entire reef is protected as a National Park. Dive master showed and had Kayla touch a sea anemone which was not poisinous. She then proceeded to touch her knee to fire coral!! Also found a sleeping nurse shark and a nice stingray on our ascent. Dived this one on a trip with cruise ship

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