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  • 39 # Date: 2017-02-22 - 08:13
  • # Max Depth: 28.7m Duration: 34mins
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Dive Location
  • Temp: Surf 32°C Bottom 28°C
  • Dive type : Recreational, Cave
  • Visibility: Average Water: Salt
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Dive Profile

  • 1. Air
  • 0L Steel     200 → 50 bar
  • Average depth: 18.5m
  • SAC: 1.55 bar/min
  • RMV: 0.0 L/min
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Species Identified

Panulirus longipes (A. Milne-Edwards, 1868) (longlegged spiny lobster)
Ostracion trachys Randall, 1975 (Roughskin trunkfish) A secretive species found in holes and crevices in rocky seaward reefs .
Ostracion cubicus Linnaeus, 1758 (Yellow boxfish) Inhabit lagoon and semi-sheltered seaward reefs. Juveniles often among Acropora corals . Benthopelagic . Solitary . Juveniles expatriating to subtropical zone from the pelagic larval stage. Small juveniles secretive i...
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Chaetodon melannotus Bloch and Schneider, 1801 (Blackback butterflyfish) Usually solitary or in pairs in coral-rich areas of reef flats, lagoons, and seaward reefs to a depth of over 15 m. Juveniles inshore. In pairs or traveling in small groups . Feed on octocorallian and scleractinian cora...
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