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iSeahorse - Saving seahorses together

by Projectseahorse on July 22, 2014

Seahorses at risk 

Spotting a seahorse on a dive is always is always an exciting experience. They

are just such unique and interesting fish!

Unfortunately because of their unique biological traits they

are also more vulnerable to threats like habitat destruction and overfishing.

Every year, 15 to 20 million seahorses are caught and

traded, dead and alive, all over the world.  In order to better protect

these little guys we need more data on them. This is where iSeahorse comes in!


iSeahorse is a tool which absolutely anyone, anywhere can use. 

If you see a seahorse in the

wild, simply go to  the

iSeahorse website ...


Seahorse Population Survey with Kenna Eco Diving, Costa Brava, Spain

by Ecodiver on July 03, 2014

Many marine conservation research dives this season have involved Kenna Eco Diving volunteer research divers in our Seahorse Population Survey, which is proving very successful and rewarding as we have discovered a breeding population of both European species, Hippocampus hippocampus and H. guttulatus.

To date we have logged and photographed 17 individuals, including several pairs and 12 pregnant males.

More dive volunteers are needed to help with this research. Please get in touch if you would like to help.

You can see videos on our Forum. Please join our community.


Great Key Largo Diving on the USCG Duane!

by Sdweller on July 01, 2014

The diving here in Key Largo in June has been about as good as anyone can remember lately.  Flat calm seas have been the norm for about 8 days and counting, and the weather forecast for Key Largo predicts more of the same for as far ahead as they forecast. As most of you know, we now are running more consistantly to the deeper wrecks with the addition of the HMS Minnow to our operation.

The USCG Duane and the Spiegel have been amazing this summer.  First, for those of you who are not familiar…the USCG Duane is a 329-foot cutter that was decommissioned on August 1st, 1985.  The ship was intentionally sunk on November 27, 1987 off of Key Largo, Florida Keys, to create an artificial reef....


Diving with the X-15 Monofin Hydrofoil

by Nico Danan on June 19, 2014

I recently took the new Oceanic Omega 3.0 regulator for a few scuba dives in both the Mediterranean sea and Kauai. I really have nothing but good thing to say about this rather small and stylish redesigned and improved regulator. In high currents and challenging workload situation the Omega 3.0 surprised me with a smooth and constant air delivery. Although not a huge fan of side exhaust second stage, the Omega 3.0 won me over taking my stream of bubble away from my face and behind me , opening my field of view while I was cruising the Hawaiian coral reef.

Bringing Speed and Efficiency to Scuba Diving ...


Scuba Renaissance With The New Oceanic Omega 3.0 Regulator

by Nico Danan on June 17, 2014

I got the chance to dive the new Oceanic Omega 3.0 regulator check out my review on 


Destinations of Opportunity

by Scuba Steve Colorado on June 12, 2014

There you are... you're traveling for business or visiting your relatives; walking down a boardwalk... and then it hits you... 'I could be diving!'

How often do you take the opportunity to go SCUBA diving when you are traveling for other reasons? Do you avoid packing your gear if you're not going on a 'dive trip' simply because you'd only get one or two dives in anyway?

I know I have. I've been to California and the northeast plenty of times to get some dives in but left my gear at home. Why?

Here are 5 reasons divers lose dive opportunities!

It's too much to carry.

That's not the point of this trip.

The airlines charge too much for checked bags. ...


Reef Sharks Mean Healthier Reefs in Key Largo!

by Sdweller on June 08, 2014

Last year divers of Sea Dwellers Dive Center started reporting seeing more Carribbean Reef Sharks on dives on the reefs of Key Largo.  This trend has accelerated this year as divers are now seeing Reef Sharks on almost every reef dive we do. This has come to the attention of other dive vessels here in Key Largo.

This is a good sign, according to what we’ve learned here at Sea Dwellers Dive Center!

According to the conclusion to a study on this exact subject conducted just last year in Australia; “When shark populations in a coral reef system are severely reduced due to commercial fishing, herbivorous fish that graze on algae may also decline. Fewer herbivorous fish to keep algae growth in...


New Podcast for Divers - The Under Pressure Divecast!

by Scuba Steve Colorado on May 27, 2014

Hi Divebuddies around the world!

I just released the 2nd episode of the Under Pressure Divecast and would really appreciate your feedback.

The Under Pressure Divecast is a podcast about recreational SCUBA. I cover one main topic in some detail. After that I have a 'Tip of the Week' segment and finally I close the show with a brief discussion about a piece of gear.

You can find the divecast and related show notes on the Under Pressure Diveblog web site here.

You can also find it in iTunes here (note... this is the US podcast link for iTunes) or on Zune or Blackberry Podcast directories. ...


Diveboard updates: new commenting & internationalization

by Ksso on May 22, 2014

We've been busy! This week we have two huge upgrades to announce on the platform:

1) The commenting has been upgraded from Facebook Comment - which did a good job but was not really integrated in Diveboard to Disqus. Now if  you're a Diveboard user you'll be commenting using your Diveboard account, if you're not you'll be able to comment using a third-party login mechanism making your life easy. Kudos to Gonzo for bringing this to Diveboard. Check at the bottom of this post to see it in action !

2) Diveboard is now available in French! You can hit the yellow menu and set yoru language or just head to . Gettign there was a journey as we had to go through almost every file...


We just certified some new dive buddies! Check out the video!

by Scuba Steve Colorado on May 21, 2014

Many thanks and congratulations to all our new Dive Buddies. You guys rocked it! I know that I speak for Alan, Todd, Dave (Homestead Crater instructor extraordinaire) and I when I say we had a great time working with you and hope you had as much fun as we did as you dove through your certification to begin your adventures as open water SCUBA divers!

Check out the rest of the post on the Under Pressure Dive Blog!

SKuba Steve

'The surface interval's over... get out there and dive!'


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