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Diveboard goes opensource & non-profit - Get involved!

by Ksso on June 15, 2017

Hey Diveboarders!Today is a pivotal moment in Diveboard's history.

Diveboard has become since it launched in 2011 the largest online logbook on the market and the very first citizen science platform dedicated to the ocean. We have enabled researchers worldwide to take advantage of the data collected by divers to conduct research - just a few weeks ago, Mark Spalding published a research paper on "Mapping the global value and distribution of coral reef tourism" that was made possible through the data we collect and share.

Today we're taking a new step in the Diveboard history where the company will become a non-profit and all the source code will be available as open source. The data will...


Is it worth booking a dive holiday to Thailand during the rainy season?

by Seabeesdiving on May 15, 2017

In terms of tourism, the seasons in Thailand can be divided into 2: The dry season and the wet season.

Most divers come to Thailand during the dry season for obvious reasons.

But what is diving really like during the rainy season?

Is it even possible to dive in Thailand during the rainy season?

In a nutshell, the answer is: yes it is.

However, not always and not everywhere.

In this post we will cover where to dive in Thailand during the rainy season, what points to consider, and how you might even prefer to come to Thailand during the off season for your diving holiday. ...


Intova X2

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

HiJust wondering if anyone has used the new Intova X2 - I flooded mine first dive (Warranty replacement underway) but was pretty decent for snorkelling. The reviews are scarce and was hoping to get an idea of what to expect.I have had a few Intovas (SP1, SP1-N and Edge X) and found them to run the Gopro pretty close, the intovas are ready to dive out the box so they appeal. Unfortunately there is no supply direct in the UK so had mine imported and not seen anyone else with one. ThanksDavid 'Dibs' Bishop


Miflex\Braided vs standard hoses

by David Bishop on May 01, 2017

Hi AllJust wondering thoughts on Miflex or braided hoses vs standard - I recently 'upgraded' mine and my fiancees regs with these in part for the colour options and my perception that they should be superior in flexability and weight. (Colours & durability back fired as I ended up diving with a pink hose in Egypt).Just thought someone might have an informed opinion on whether it was the right way to go or not?Thanks in advanceDavid 'Dibs's Bishop


Scuba with a Monofin?

by Gia on April 14, 2017

I've been intrigued by monofins of late, and their efficiency in freediving. I was curious as to whether there might be a benefit to using a monofin in scuba but found very little discussion of it online-- one or two people who have said that they've done it and liked it, and that's about it.

Has anyone here tried using a monofin for scuba and have thoughts?


What is this?

by Sebastien Rezzonico on April 08, 2017

Hi fellow divers, 

sorry for the bad picture (low viz and this was hidden in a little cave).

Any idea what it s? 




Tubbataha (Philippines) anyone?

by Liloulivi on May 16, 2016

Hi all,

Has anyone dived in Tubbataha in Philippines? I'm looking for recommendations on liveaboard. 

thank you!


Diveboard Visits DEMA 2015 Orlando, Florida

by Kernsart on December 03, 2015

The DEMA (Dive Equipment Marketing Association) 2015 in Orlando, Florida was a great success. The show was full of innovative scuba and snorkel equipment, along with advances in photographic, sonar, technical, and travel offerings. Dive store owners, equipment retailers, and dive operations personnel, from the world over, filed in to see the largest dive related show in the world. They gathered to assess the plethora of newly designed exposure gear, regulators, masks, and almost anything their hearts desired, that is dive related.   Diveboard was there to examine all those things, to  bring you select news and items to enhance your dive experience. To that goal, let's begin with a product...


GoPro Tips and Tricks article

by Pete Bucknell on November 01, 2015

Nick Woodman, a young American surfer, desperately wanted images of himself surfing, personal and up close, and there seemed to be no camera available to exactly fulfill his requirements. He set about creating a solution. Slightly more than a decade later, his camera company has invaded the market with the small, waterproof, and extremely high-quality unit we know as the GoPro. Popular because of its size, price, and the quality of the video files it is capable of producing, the GoPro HERO, in its waterproof housing, has become an enormous asset to outdoor sports enthusiasts and all kinds of filmmakers—from the producers of Breaking Bad to youngsters making their first film in a...


Vote for us @ Disrupt

by Ksso on September 21, 2015

Vote here Voting finishes at 2pm PDT ! be quick !

The team at Diveboard has been busy cooking a new product for you ! It's called actvt (reads activity) and it's a mobile video-sharing and social-networking app that lets you select the highlights from your video clips with a tap of the screen and then automatically compiles them into a short edit ready to share.

We realized that with all the data we gathered on Diveboard, we were still missing the moments & emotions behind the data - so we worked on trying to find a way to provide you with just that !

We'll be unveiling actvt today at the biggest tech show on earth: TechCrunch Disrupt - we need your vote to win this !  ...


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