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Shared by Ksso on July 02, 2013 in News

Improvements on Diveboard happen daily -  but today we've got something really BIG to announce.

Starting today "Diveboard for business" is ... open for business !!
We've been pouring a lot of time and effort for this release and it comes as a major upgrade to the pro pages that many dive shops have already claimed and customised. 

Diveboard for business is a tailor-made solution for dive professionals to market their services to divers and start offering online booking!
Create custom advertisement that will shop up on various parts of Diveboard - but only when they make sense ! Diveboard may be free but it's not a giant billboard - yet we see ads as another way to convey value to our uses so we built a location based advertisement platform crossed with behavioural analysis so that the more ads we have on the platform, the better we can pick the one that may be making sense for you !

On the business side, I've always found a bit odd that dive shops had so little vision on their booking status - and had to wait for the last dive day to get paid. We wanted to help dive professional anticipate their schedules, manage their bookings and get cash in their pocket as early as possible ! And yet we do think that it's possible to do all that now thanks to diveboard.

If you're a dive shop, head to and sign up, it's free - and if you're a diver next time you start looking for a dive shop to dive with make sure they accept bookings on Diveboard!

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