September 02, 2013 16:36

Join the Diveboard team in San Francisco for our first scuba happy hours!

Diveboard is joining hands with the SF Scuba Divers meetup group to organize the first Diveboard meetup ! This will be held on the 6th at Schroeder's   at 6pm.

Come meet the team, grab a drink and share your love for the Ocean and for scuba !  

You can register on Diveboard's Facebook event page or on the Meetup group's page.

Want to get the next happy hour in your city ? get  in touch and we'll make it happen !

We will also be presenting Diveboard at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference - word of advice: we'll be looking for your help on voting for us on the 9th !

The Mantis Shrimp is making the buzz!

No one can remain untouched by the beauty of the Mantis Shrimp - with all the colors and the big eyes it's an awesome subject for underwater photographers, especially when bearing eggs. 

This little fellow can be found mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean - if you're diving in that area make sure you'll look for it. 

Despite the amazing colours and big intriguing eyes, it turns out the Mantis Shrimp is a terrible and very aggressive predator! ...

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Focus on: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Mustique in the Grenadines (source Wikipedia)

Often mixed with the near-by Barbados and Santa Lucia (well known for being a celebrity hangout), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are an amazing places for quiet scuba holidays. With lots to see in the reffs but also in the tropical jungle that covers the islands, it's a destination worth exploring !

Each island has very distinctive feats to offer:
Bequia Island's sea-life ranges from Hawksbill Turtles, black-tip sharks, tarpon, sea horses, basket stars, harlequin pipefish, bat fish to damsel fish.
Saint Vincent Island sports ruggged cliffs and sheer drop offs which continue underwater and create some extraordinary dive sites.
- Canouan has underwater rock formations covered in a variety sponges and soft corals.
- Mayreau has coral gardens hosting garden-eel, swaying grass-like in the sand.
- Mustique has untouched corals and drift diving.

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New dives
  • Brunon dived in Kon Kare Bay, Koh Racha Yai, Thailand (23m - 63 min)
  • Tom Griffith dived in House Reef, Colombo, Sri Lanka (13m - 32 min)
  • Gavin Ramsey dived in Molasses Reef, Key Largo, FL, United States (9m - 45 min)
  • Connie Santangelo Crowley dived in Barry's Reef, Roatan, Honduras (24m - 45 min)
  • Marco dived in Caribe Wreck, Varadero, Cuba (12m - 52 min)
  • Selma dived in Unnamed Spot, New Location (13m - 35 min)
  • Pete Lewis dived in Tracey’S Bommie, Great Barrier Reef Flynn Reef, Australia (17m - 43 min)
  • Brent Sabey dived in Unnamed Spot, New Location (31m - 48 min)