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by Mainer on May 08, 2015

Has anybody been to Dominica, recently?  We went years ago, before the Lionfish dessimated the Caribbean.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Wondering if the Lionfish have taken its toll on that Island.  Would love to go back, but if there's little to see, we don't see the point.  We have resorted to endure 14-21 hour planerides to go to the Philippines and Indonesia, in order to make diving worth while.


New Olympus TG-4

by Stein Castillo on May 03, 2015

Hi there!

I am planning to buy a new camera, I've decided to get the new Olympus TG-4. Does anyone know when this camera will be available in Europe?




El Boreas

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 19, 2015

El Boreas no es un barco. Es un pecio. Esto significa que es un barco hundido. Este pecio fue, en vida, un remolcador de altura alemán, de nombre Pellworn, que participó en la Segunda Guerra Mundial con la Marina de su país, resultando con graves daños en su estructura, que nunca quedó reparada del todo. 

Al finalizar la guerra el barco pasó a formar parte de la Marina de los Estados Unidos, donde fue rebautizado como USN102 y destinado a sencillas tareas de trasporte. En 1960 volvió a la Marina alemana para desempeñar funciones de localización de torpedos y minas en la escuela de armas submarinas de Wilhemshaven. En 1980 fue vendido para ser desguazado, pero su destino cambió cuando fue...


Emotions in Scuba - We Need You!

by Ksso on April 16, 2015

Diveboard is currently undergoing a research to figure out the emotional range induced by diving.

This sounds like a lot of hassle right ? So let me give you a bit of context.

Since we started Diveboard, we've focused on helping you guys share your experiences by providing you with the most thorough way to log it. We now have about 1 Million dives logged which is simply mindblowing.

When reflecting with Pascal and Thierry, my fellow co-creators of Diveboard, how we could make your sharing even better we realized something: all the data is awesome, but it's missing the personal story and emotions that you experienced during your dive. ...


Phuket: Similan Island and Other Attractions

by Sssphuketth on April 15, 2015

If you are sitting in office and thinking to get rid of your hectic lifestyle, then there is no doubt that scuba diving can be a right option for you. This adventure sport has become a hobby of a large number of people from throughout the world. There are a number of places in the world, where you can visit and can fulfill your interest of diving. Among them, Phuket in Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations.Diving in SimilanA large number of tourists visit Phuket every year to have fun and to soothe them. This is why, it has become a tourist hubs for scuba divers.  There are a number of places in Phuket, where you can have fun. Diving Similan Thailand is highly popular in...


Túneles de Port Salvi (Edén Roc) en Sant Feliu de Guíxols

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 08, 2015

La cala de Port Salvi, conocida también por Edén Roc debido al establecimiento hotelero que aquí se encuentra, es una de las inmersiones clásicas de la Costa Brava. A nuestro entender tiene diversos argumentos que la hacen recomendable. En primer lugar, es un itinerario submarino que está muy documentado, ya que en el centro de buceo de la misma cala hay una maqueta muy útil para planificar la excursión subacuática, y el fondo está detallado y dibujado en el libro de Andreu Llamas "GUÍA SUBMARINA de la COSTA BRAVA de Sant Feliu de Guíxols a Begur " (ISBN 978-84-933167-8-5). ...


El fluorodiving

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 08, 2015

Imaginas bucear por la noche y ser capaz de ver la vida marina en colores fluorescentes? Organismos que se escapan a tu vista bajo la luz normal? Pues es posible, con focos y filtros de luz especiales o lentes especiales en máscara, y se llama fluorodiving!

La fluorescencia se produce cuando un objeto absorbe la luz de un solo color (longitud de onda) y luego re-emite luz de un color diferente. ¿Te acuerdas de los carteles de ofertas de las tiendas que presentan fluorescencia bajo luz ultravioleta (UV)?, ¿O de cómo brillan tus dientes, o algunas prendas blancas, bajo la luz azul de la discoteca? Pues esos son dos buenos ejemplos de fluorescencia. ...


Grand Cayman Diving

by George Hamilton on February 23, 2015

Looking for any advice on good dive sites/operations in Grand Cayman. Headed there in a few weeks and want to make the best of the diving available!


Island hopping in the Visayas, Philippines

by Florine Isunderwater on January 29, 2015

I thought I was going back to South East Asia another time… I was wrong and so surprised about what I found in the Philippines! It was definitely different but in the end it was much better than expected.  [...]

My itinerary in the Visayan Islands

I could have done like most tourists, booking domestic flights and visit the whole country in 3 weeks by spending no more than 2 days in every place. Palawan, another great place of the Philippines was on my list. My main target being Malapascua and having heard Manila was not the nicest place of the Philippines, I looked for a flight arriving directly to Cebu and found the perfect one via South Korea (giving me the opportunity to discover Seoul...


Is "scuba=adventure" the best positioning to attract new divers?

by Scubasurveys on January 28, 2015

Everywhere you look, the scuba industry - from agencies to dive shops to manufacturers  -  is selling "adventure" as the reason people should take up diving.  As a marketer for the past 25yrs, a diver for the past 8yrs, and an instructor since last year, I've never been convinced that's the right approach to attracting new divers.

So recently I conducted a market research study with divers (n=239) and non-divers (n=219) to determine if there's anything different about how they see themselves that might explain why some people dive... and some don't.

I won't go crazy with full methodology in a post here (certainly not my first one) but one of the key pieces of data that jumped out at me is...


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