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Vote for us @ Disrupt

by Ksso on September 21, 2015

Vote here Voting finishes at 2pm PDT ! be quick !

The team at Diveboard has been busy cooking a new product for you ! It's called actvt (reads activity) and it's a mobile video-sharing and social-networking app that lets you select the highlights from your video clips with a tap of the screen and then automatically compiles them into a short edit ready to share.

We realized that with all the data we gathered on Diveboard, we were still missing the moments & emotions behind the data - so we worked on trying to find a way to provide you with just that !

We'll be unveiling actvt today at the biggest tech show on earth: TechCrunch Disrupt - we need your vote to win this !  ...


Hello World

by Piotr B. on July 10, 2015


The Great Giant Sea Bass Count 2015

by Connerj on July 06, 2015

It's that time of year again! The now annual Great Giant Sea

Bass Count (2015 edition) is almost here and we are gearing up to spot some


For any of those who didn't hear about the Great Giant Sea

Bass Count last year, the project involves using observations and sightings

from recreational divers to help us better understand how many giant sea bass

(aka Black Sea Bass, Giant Black Sea Bass, etc.) call the waters of Southern

California "home". Since the moratorium on fishing giant sea bass was

implemented, these gentle giants appear (unofficial observations suggest) to be

rebounding from their near local extinction in the early 20th century, thus ...


Diving in Japan

by Stein Castillo on June 23, 2015

Can anyone recommend a good diving operator based in Tokio. I will be spending a weekend there and would like to squeeze some diving.



Diveboard connects with Movescount - Check it out and win !

by Ksso on June 22, 2015

We've been willing to do it a long time ago - I still remember us talking with the Suunto team at DEMA in 2013 about this. And today it's finally there thanks to the joint effort we  made ! Suunto users who have been enjoying the smooth Moovescount upload through their favorite DM5 agent can now easily pull their dives from Movescount to Diveboard.

This is really the best of both worlds for Suunto customers and at Diveboard we're really proud to be the first to bring you this integration.

To try it out, head over to the Dive Manager and you'll find the "Movescount import" button on the "Bulk upload" tab. You'll also find it on the "Profile" tab on the edit of your dives. ...


Where to dive on the 7th - 10th August in Asia from Singapore

by Des Williams on June 13, 2015

Hello all, 

I am advanced open water diver with a strong interest in underwater photogrpahy. I'm based in Singapore and am looking for a dive weekend in either Malaysia or Indonesia. 

I have over 200 dives and have dived in Ireland, Red Sea, Canaries, Maldives and Komodo. I am used to currents and cold. I am Irish by the way :) 

Would anyone have any suggestions please? 

Much appreciated!



Where to dive in Spain in Mid November

by Mike Johnson on June 05, 2015

I am going to be in Spain with work in November and am looking for suggestions of where to dive and what dive resort to go through. I'll probably have a day or two to work with.



by Mainer on May 08, 2015

Has anybody been to Dominica, recently?  We went years ago, before the Lionfish dessimated the Caribbean.  It was absolutely wonderful!  Wondering if the Lionfish have taken its toll on that Island.  Would love to go back, but if there's little to see, we don't see the point.  We have resorted to endure 14-21 hour planerides to go to the Philippines and Indonesia, in order to make diving worth while.


New Olympus TG-4

by Stein Castillo on May 03, 2015

Hi there!

I am planning to buy a new camera, I've decided to get the new Olympus TG-4. Does anyone know when this camera will be available in Europe?




El Boreas

by Victor Masmitjà Prieto on April 19, 2015

El Boreas no es un barco. Es un pecio. Esto significa que es un barco hundido. Este pecio fue, en vida, un remolcador de altura alemán, de nombre Pellworn, que participó en la Segunda Guerra Mundial con la Marina de su país, resultando con graves daños en su estructura, que nunca quedó reparada del todo. 

Al finalizar la guerra el barco pasó a formar parte de la Marina de los Estados Unidos, donde fue rebautizado como USN102 y destinado a sencillas tareas de trasporte. En 1960 volvió a la Marina alemana para desempeñar funciones de localización de torpedos y minas en la escuela de armas submarinas de Wilhemshaven. En 1980 fue vendido para ser desguazado, pero su destino cambió cuando fue...


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