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Tubbataha (Philippines) anyone?

by Liloulivi on May 16, 2016

Hi all,

Has anyone dived in Tubbataha in Philippines? I'm looking for recommendations on liveaboard. 

thank you!


Diving mid-May in Lake Malawi - visibility?

by Jmdelane on April 17, 2016

Hi all,

I will be spending a few weeks in Malawi in May, and was hoping to do a few dives in Lake Malawi. This is at the tail end of the rainy season, so I am a bit worried about visibility. Has anybody done any diving this time of year? Worth it?


Layang layang in 2016

by Liloulivi on February 02, 2016

hi all, 

I'm considering going to Layang Layang in either July or August. I know the hammerhead season is much earlier, but i can't make it then. 

Anyone can advise whether July or August month is usually better? same-same or not- such-a-good-idea?

thank you!!



Scuba Diving trip to Key Largo in February

by Pilotaids on January 04, 2016

Hello everyone,I need some suggestions on where to go and where to stay for a 4 day scuba trip in the middle of February in Key Largo.My girlfriend has an open water certification, and I will be getting mine asap this month right before the trip.Also,

if anyone has any suggestion on where to go for a quick and painless

course in Panama City Beach, FL, where I can go in and have everything

done in a couple of days would be awesome.I am a former Navy pilot,

and I have done some sort of water training in the navy due to the helo

water crush simulations and water parachute landing. I know the basics

of oxygen usage and basic emergency procedures in case the respirator ...


Diveboard Visits DEMA 2015 Orlando, Florida

by Kernsart on December 03, 2015

The DEMA (Dive Equipment Marketing Association) 2015 in Orlando, Florida was a great success. The show was full of innovative scuba and snorkel equipment, along with advances in photographic, sonar, technical, and travel offerings. Dive store owners, equipment retailers, and dive operations personnel, from the world over, filed in to see the largest dive related show in the world. They gathered to assess the plethora of newly designed exposure gear, regulators, masks, and almost anything their hearts desired, that is dive related.   Diveboard was there to examine all those things, to  bring you select news and items to enhance your dive experience. To that goal, let's begin with a product...


Moving on from GoPro

by George Hamilton on November 25, 2015

Looking for suggestions on an underwater camera (besides a GoPro). I have been using GoPros for years, and while I have some good video and decent stills, I am wanting to get a better setup for still photos.

Don't want to go broke doing it, and would appreciate and all suggestions!


GoPro Tips and Tricks article

by Pete Bucknell on November 01, 2015

Nick Woodman, a young American surfer, desperately wanted images of himself surfing, personal and up close, and there seemed to be no camera available to exactly fulfill his requirements. He set about creating a solution. Slightly more than a decade later, his camera company has invaded the market with the small, waterproof, and extremely high-quality unit we know as the GoPro. Popular because of its size, price, and the quality of the video files it is capable of producing, the GoPro HERO, in its waterproof housing, has become an enormous asset to outdoor sports enthusiasts and all kinds of filmmakers—from the producers of Breaking Bad to youngsters making their first film in a...


Vote for us @ Disrupt

by Ksso on September 21, 2015

Vote here Voting finishes at 2pm PDT ! be quick !

The team at Diveboard has been busy cooking a new product for you ! It's called actvt (reads activity) and it's a mobile video-sharing and social-networking app that lets you select the highlights from your video clips with a tap of the screen and then automatically compiles them into a short edit ready to share.

We realized that with all the data we gathered on Diveboard, we were still missing the moments & emotions behind the data - so we worked on trying to find a way to provide you with just that !

We'll be unveiling actvt today at the biggest tech show on earth: TechCrunch Disrupt - we need your vote to win this !  ...


Hello World

by Piotr B. on July 10, 2015


The Great Giant Sea Bass Count 2015

by Connerj on July 06, 2015

It's that time of year again! The now annual Great Giant Sea

Bass Count (2015 edition) is almost here and we are gearing up to spot some


For any of those who didn't hear about the Great Giant Sea

Bass Count last year, the project involves using observations and sightings

from recreational divers to help us better understand how many giant sea bass

(aka Black Sea Bass, Giant Black Sea Bass, etc.) call the waters of Southern

California "home". Since the moratorium on fishing giant sea bass was

implemented, these gentle giants appear (unofficial observations suggest) to be

rebounding from their near local extinction in the early 20th century, thus ...


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