Scuba Diving trip to Key Largo in February

Shared by Pilotaids on January 04, 2016 in Question

Hello everyone,
I need some suggestions on where to go and where to stay for a 4 day scuba trip in the middle of February in Key Largo.
My girlfriend has an open water certification, and I will be getting mine asap this month right before the trip.
Also, if anyone has any suggestion on where to go for a quick and painless course in Panama City Beach, FL, where I can go in and have everything done in a couple of days would be awesome.
I am a former Navy pilot, and I have done some sort of water training in the navy due to the helo water crush simulations and water parachute landing. I know the basics of oxygen usage and basic emergency procedures in case the respirator fails to work.

Please I need help trying to figure all this out less then a month.

Thanks in advance.


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