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  • Scubamut
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  • Retired IT Consultant
    Never quite grown up. Always curious, seeking, sometimes discovering, continually questioning, challenging - especially sacred cows. Honest, dependable, sometimes stubborn. Atheist, thinker, dreamer. Love the great outdoors. Like cities less.

Places I've Dived

  • Total number of dives not on diveboard:
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  • Dives published:260
  • Total dives count:261
  • Dives this year:0
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:8 days 7 hrs 58 min
  • Most dives on Diveboard in:
    South Africa
  • Deepest Dive:
    42.1m in Ponta D'ouro, Mozambique
  • Longest Dive:
    103 min in Sodwana, South Africa
  • Pictures in logbook:5
  • Number of species spotted:0

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Species Spotted

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