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  • 3 # Date: 2007-02-15 - 10:02
  • # Max Depth: 18m Duration: 42mins
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Dive Location
  • Temp: Surf 30°C Bottom 20°C
  • Dive type : Training, Reef
  • Visibility: Good Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • Weights: 4 kg
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Species Identified

Lepidochelys olivacea Eschscholtz 1829 (Olive Ridley Turtle) Although they do also nest alone, olive ridleys are known for their remarkable mass nestings, when many thousands of females congregate on the same beach; the event is known as an 'arribada', which is Spanish for 'mass arr...
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Scorpaenopsis diabolus (Cuvier, 1829) (False stonefish) Relatively an uncommon inhabitant of rubble or weedy coralline-rock bottoms of reef flats and lagoon and seaward reefs . Benthic . Flashes its inner pectoral fins when disturbed . Can inflict a painful injury with its venomous dorsal sting. Often partly buried .
Spongia officinalis Linnaeus, 1759 (Greek bathing sponge)
Amphiprion nigripes Regan, 1908 (Maldive anemonefish) Usually found on the reef edge. Omnivorous. Associated with the anemone Heteractis magnifica .

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