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  • 15 # Date: 2012-08-05 - 15:27
  • # Max Depth: 15m Duration: 54mins
Diver's Notes

everybody sees alot. I see nothing. @_@

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Dive Location

  • Temp: Bottom 28°C
  • Dive type : Recreational
  • Visibility: Bad Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • Weights: 2 kg
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Species Identified

Taeniura lymma (Forsskål, 1775) (Bluespotted ribbontail ray) Blue-spotted stingrays live alone or in small groups , migrating in large schools into shallow sandy areas on the rising tide in order to feed, and dispersing back into the ocean as the tide falls to shelter in the coral c...
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Sphyraena guachancho Cuvier, 1829 (Guachanche barracuda) Occurs in shallow and generally turbid coastal water over muddy bottoms, often around river estuaries. Schooling species . Feeds on mainly on fishes belonging to the Engraulidae, Clupeidae, Lutjanidae and Synodontidae fa...
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Eretmochelys imbricata (LINNAEUS) 1766 (Hawksbill Turtle) Hawksbills may take decades to mature and it could be between 20 to 40 years before they are ready to breed . Upon reaching sexual maturity, a female will typically lay up to five clutches of around 100 to 140 eggs in one ...
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