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  • Scuba diving enthusiast since 2008. Prefers the waters warm and clear, but almost anything goes.

Places I've Dived

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  • Dives published:78
  • Total dives count:110
  • Dives this year:6
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:2 days 3 hrs 12 min
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  • Deepest Dive:
    31m in Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Longest Dive:
    68 min in Loppi, Räyskälä, Finland
  • Pictures in logbook:132
  • Number of species spotted:233

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Favorite Dives

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    2010-06-24 Cyprus Larnaca

    First dive of the day on the boat of Alpha Divers. Descending on the center of wreck. Diving first around propellers and then to the bridge, pretty much of swimming! The bone lorry found!

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    2009-07-02 Cyprus Akamas Peninsula (Near Paphos)
    Amphitheatre Bay

    Name of the site comes from amphitheatre-like natural formation on land. Wall bottom on max. aprox. 20m and top on aprox. 10m. One swim-through on dive route. Lots of sea grass. Large schools of Damselfish. One striped Grouper. Air temperature aprox. 30 C. Clear weather.

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    2011-07-19 Cyprus Akamas Peninsula (Near Paphos)
    St. George Island

    Diving around the top edge of the wall. Never seen octopus here before, but this time saw three of them! Last one even posed nicely to the camera. I quess it's better to stay shallow instead of going down to 30m along the wall. Checked also the entrance to cave.

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    2012-07-18 Cyprus Akamas Peninsula (Near Paphos)
    Lara Bay North

    With a Cydive I boat from Agios Georgios fishing harbour to a dive northern Lara Bay hoping to see a turtle. No luck this time, didn't see much fish either. Overhangs and swim-throughs were also promised, but didn't see any. In conclusion not much more than a midwater swim trying to keep in the divemaster's not very slow pace. Actually we did loose the rest of the group with two buddy pairs and a divemaster who obviously were slower. 20 minutes drive in back of the 4WD from Kato Paphos to Agios Georgios in wetsuits(!) wasn't my idea of fun either.

My Certifications

  • PADI RESCUE DIVER (Jun 2011)
  • PADI EFR - Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED (May 2011)
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