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  • 2021 # Date: 2012-07-02 - 18:20
  • # Max Depth: 9m Duration: 30mins
Dive Profile

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  • Temp: Surf 21°C Bottom 16°C
  • Dive type : Recreational, Fyraften
  • Visibility: Bad Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • Computer: Suunto - Solution Nitrox
  • Wet suit: Waterproof Diving AB - 5 mm long john
  • Regulator: Apeks - TX40 med TX40 octopus
  • Compass: Sherwood - i konsollet
  • Knife: Aqualung - lille kniv på feederslange
  • Cylinder: Beuchat - blød snorkel
  • Fins: Wenturi Power - Sorte hælremsfinner
  • BCD: Sopras sub - Tech 1000
  • Boots: Beuchat - med lynlås og hård sål
  • Mask: IST Sports - Proteus sort
  • Weights: 10 kg
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  • Herlev Dykkerklub Jernlungerne confirmed the dive with parameters: 9m / 30mins

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  • Area:
  • Body of water:

Dive Profile

  • 1. Air
  • 12L Steel     175 → 125 bar
  • Average depth: 6m
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Species Identified

Anguilla anguilla (Linnaeus, 1758) (European eel) The common eel has a fascinating life-cycle; it is a 'catadromous' species, breeding in the sea and migrating to freshwater in order to grow before returning to the sea to spawn . It is thought that all European eels spawn...
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Pleuronectes platessa Linnaeus, 1758 (European plaice) European plaice are active mainly at night, when they feed on molluscs and polychaete worms , which are crushed with the strong jaws . During the day they tend to lie hidden, often partially buried in the sediment . ...
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Gobius niger Linnaeus, 1758 (Black goby)
Pomatoschistus minutus (Pallas, 1770) (freckled goby) In the sand goby Pomatoschistus minutus (Teleostei; Gobiidae), a distribution-wide study showed that spatial variation at the rhodopsin gene matches the characteristics of specific light environments. This match sugg...
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