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  • I learned to Scuba in summer 2005 and since then have become addicted to it. Quickly reached the freedom of the N2 FFESSM (AOW+) and started taking cool underwater pictures.
    I recently upgraded to a reflex Canon EOS 60D + Ikelite underwater housing and started to get a chance at better shots and upped to CMAS 3* (N4 FFESSM).
    Objective 1: See bigger stuff (DONE ! ) 
    Next objective : I want back to cold and ice, probably Iceland or lake baikal

Places I've Dived

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  • Dives published:90
  • Total dives count:111
  • Dives this year:0
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:2 days 17 hrs 22 min
  • Most dives on Diveboard in:
  • Deepest Dive:
    43.6m in Lanzarote, Spain
  • Longest Dive:
    70 min in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
  • Pictures in logbook:1042
  • Number of species spotted:337

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Favorite Dives

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    2006-05-15 Indonesia Gili Islands
    Meno Wall

    Nice sea turtles - lots of drifting ! Finally - 4 years later I now know what's the name of that funny fish I chased for 10 mins underwater : a Flying Gurnard ! Thanks Diveboard !

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    2011-07-19 Thailand Ko Tao
    Hin Ngam & Aow Leur

    Nice and long dive. Lots of xmas-tree tubeworms, sea cucumbers and a big density of colorful and playful fish. A school of small baracudas followed us a while.

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    2011-10-31 Egypt Hurghada
    Hilton Long Beach House Reef

    Nice and gentle dive - though a bit speedy from a photographer prospective. We went to the right side reef from the marina. The water was unexpectedly warm despite the heavy winds and the tides were gentle enough to finally let me snap a few nice shots ! (And the camera only Errored99 4 times on me...).

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    2011-11-02 Egypt Hurghada
    Hilton Long Beach House Reef

    Second shore dive on the house reef - this time on the left side. The sealife under the bridge is simply incedible ! Batfishes, pipefishes, huge grouper.... schools of fish... simply incredible. No Strobe for this dive since the sync chord had a short causing the Error 99. Beautiful last dive in Hurghada!

My Certifications

  • CMAS 3* VDST / N4 (Aug 2012)
  • CMAS Nitrox 1 (Aug 2012)
  • PADI Ice Diver (Jan 2012)
  • Self-assessed Photography (Mar 2011)
  • CMAS 2 Star (Jul 2006)
  • FFESSM Level 2 (Jul 2006)
  • CMAS 1 Star (Jul 2005)







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