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  • I learned to Scuba in summer 2005 and since then have become addicted to it. Quickly reached the freedom of the N2 FFESSM (AOW+) and started taking cool underwater pictures.
    I recently upgraded to a reflex Canon EOS 60D + Ikelite underwater housing and started to get a chance at better shots and upped to CMAS 3* (N4 FFESSM).
    Objective 1: See bigger stuff (DONE ! ) 
    Next objective : I want back to cold and ice, probably Iceland or lake baikal

Places I've Dived

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  • Dives published:90
  • Total dives count:111
  • Dives this year:0
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:2 days 17 hrs 22 min
  • Most dives on Diveboard in:
  • Deepest Dive:
    43.6m in Lanzarote, Spain
  • Longest Dive:
    70 min in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic
  • Pictures in logbook:1042
  • Number of species spotted:337

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Favorite Dives

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    2011-07-19 Thailand Ko Tao
    Hin Ngam & Aow Leur

    Nice and long dive. Lots of xmas-tree tubeworms, sea cucumbers and a big density of colorful and playful fish. A school of small baracudas followed us a while.

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    2006-05-11 Indonesia Amuk Bay
    Padangbai Blue Lagoon

    Very nice wall with a lot of life. Saw some clouds of baby fish

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    2011-07-15 Thailand Ko Tao
    Sail Rock

    Beautiful dive but awkward experience (high fever, shaky sea...). First time with a new camera setup, took some time to find the right settings and start getting a few decent shoots ! I used up a lot of air, probably due to high fever... Visibility 10m

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    2011-11-02 Egypt Hurghada
    Hilton Long Beach House Reef

    Second shore dive on the house reef - this time on the left side. The sealife under the bridge is simply incedible ! Batfishes, pipefishes, huge grouper.... schools of fish... simply incredible. No Strobe for this dive since the sync chord had a short causing the Error 99. Beautiful last dive in Hurghada!

My Certifications

  • CMAS 3* VDST / N4 (Aug 2012)
  • CMAS Nitrox 1 (Aug 2012)
  • PADI Ice Diver (Jan 2012)
  • Self-assessed Photography (Mar 2011)
  • CMAS 2 Star (Jul 2006)
  • FFESSM Level 2 (Jul 2006)
  • CMAS 1 Star (Jul 2005)







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