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  • 23 # Date: 2006-05-15 - 10:00
  • # Max Depth: 19m Duration: 46mins
Diver's Notes

Nice sea turtles - lots of drifting !
Finally - 4 years later I now know what's the name of that funny fish I chased for 10 mins underwater : a Flying Gurnard ! Thanks Diveboard !

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  • The Oberoi Lombok confirmed the dive with parameters: 19m / 46mins

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Species Identified

Cheloniidae (modern sea turtles)
Dactylopteridae (flying gurnards)
Myliobatis californica Gill, 1865 (Bat eagle ray)
Muraena retifera Goode and Bean, 1882 (Moray eel) Known only from moderate depths along outer continental shelf.

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