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  • Kyo Thaw
    au Logbook

  • PADI Open Water Diver (Sep 2016)

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  • Dives published:8
  • Total dives count:8
  • Dives this year:1
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:4 hrs 22 min
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  • Deepest Dive:
    18m in Saxon Reef, Australia
  • Longest Dive:
    48 min in Norman Reef, Australia
  • Pictures in logbook:10
  • Number of species spotted:0

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    2016-09-09 Australia Flynn Reef
    Coral Gardens

    Open Water Training Dive No 1. Dive 1 Performance Requirements At the surface: 1) Review Hand Signals 2) Put on and adjust equipment 3) Perform a predive safety check 4) Entry 5) Check and adjust weighting Underwater: 6) Controlled Descent w/reference 7) Participate in a trim check 8) Clear a partially flooded mask 9) Recover and clear the regulator at depth 10) Explore the dive site 11) Air supply monitoring and signal accordingly 12) Good Buddy Contact 13) 5 Point Ascent with good Buddy Contact Dive Flexible Skills At the surface: - Cramp Release - Snorkel/Regulator Exchange - Emergency Weight Drop

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    2017-03-28 Australia Gold Coast
    Wave Break Island

    Local Orientation Dive at Wavebreak Island. First dive since getting OW cert in September 2016. Fed some fishies bread and took photos!

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    2016-09-11 Australia Saxon Reef
    Twin Peaks

    First Dive as Open Water Certified Diver!








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