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  • 6 # Date: 2016-09-11 - 10:00
  • # Max Depth: 18m Duration: 27mins
Diver's Notes

Open Water Training Dive No 4.

Dive 4 Performance Requirements
At the surface:
1) Plan a dive using "PADI Dive Planning Slate"
2) Put on, adjust and streamline equipment
3) Perform a predive safety check
4) Adjust weighting and trim, as necessary
5) establish positive buoyancy, keep mask on and breath from snorkel or regulator

6) 5 Point Descent without a visual reference
7) With a buddy, explore the dive site
8) Avoid contact with the bottom and resecure any equipment that becomes loose.
9) Good Buddy Contact
10) Signal air supply within 20 bar without looking at the SPG
11) With a buddy, signal when to turn the dive and when to ascend, based on air supply or time per the dive plan.
12) Make a 5 Point Ascent no faster than 18 metres per minute while maintaining buddy contact. Make a safety stop

Dive Profile

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  • Temp: Surf 25°C
  • Dive type : Training
  • Visibility: Good Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • Mask: Tabata / Tusa - M1003 Freedom Elite
  • Boots: Tabata / Tusa - DB0101 IMPREX
  • Fins: Tabata / Tusa - SF0101 Hyflex Vesna
  • Weights: 6 kg
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Dive Shop & Buddies
  • Dive buddies: Nick Digeronimo, Alexp987

Link to this spot:

  • Spot:
  • Country:
  • Area:
  • Body of water:

Dive Profile

  • 1. Air
  • 12L Steel     200 → 100 bar
  • Average depth: 12m
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