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  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:5 hrs 13 min
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    19.4m in Perhentian Besar, Malaysia
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    56 min in Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
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    2015-04-18 Malaysia Pulau Kapas
    Octopus Reef

    BAD visibility school of fusilliers angelfish triggerfish giant grouper several white-eyed moray eels

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    2015-05-17 Malaysia Perhentian Besar
    Terumbu Tiga

    Nice dive with a lot of swim through. Fun ! A bit of current at times. blue-spotted fantail ray cleaner pipefish titan triggerfish blue ringed angelfish xxx gold spotted trevally tall-fin batfish map pufferfish hinge-back shrimp tozema shrimp Nudis: funeral joruna / flabellina expotat / phyllidia ocellata

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    2015-05-16 Malaysia Perhentian Island
    Tokong Laut Temple Of The Sea

    just love this site ! blue spotted fantail ray / white eyed moray xx / bamboo sharks / scorpion fish xx / indian ocean walkman / scribbled filefilsh / titan triggerfish / humphead parrotfish / huge school of yellow snappers / reef squid / black spotted porcupine fish / shaded batfish / golden trevally juvenile / gold spotted trevally / nudis/ banded boxer shrimp

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    2015-05-17 Malaysia Pulau Perhentian
    Batu Caping

    plenty of nudibranches funeral joruna flabellina exoptata phyllidia ocellata pteraelodia tanthina (blue dragon) chromodoris sp nudi eggs :) red spindal cary hawksbill turtle








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