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    32.3m in Dahab, Egypt
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    55 min in Dahab, Egypt
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    2012-09-15 Egypt Dahab
    The Canyon Tropital House Reef

    Last dive of the trip. we entered the water at Canyon and descended down to 30ms and then gently drifted along the reef slowly ascending to the safety stop at 5m before exiting the water at the tropital House Reef Of note - Chris taking Pic of Anemone fish and the small scale scorpion fish at end of the dive.

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    2012-06-07 Egypt Dahab
    Rick's Reef

    Great reef. Entry is a gentle walk in from shore into a small lagoon. gentle decent down to a sloping wall of coral. good variety of fish and corals.

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    2012-06-05 Egypt Dahab
    The Canyon

    Great Dive, Water Temp Ideal 24degree C Canyon dive site, Good shore entry, Access to the site is via a shallow lagoon average depth of 3meters, just outside the lagoon a large trunk like pinnacle marks the entry and exit point . The dive site takes its name from a long and narrow canyon running north to south to a depth of 52m. The entry to the canyon is marked by a large coral mound a man sized hole leading into the the fish bowl used to mark the entry to the canyon however this is now closed to preserve this feature as the number of divers has begun to put the delicate coral structure at risk so entry is now made further down the canyon at around 20m. We didn't entry the Canyon but explored the coral gardens around the canyon. The Bubbles rising from the sand from within the canyon were an interesting feature of the dive.

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  • PADI Advanced Open Water (Jun 2012)
  • PADI Open Water (Apr 2012)







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