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  • Dives published:36
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  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:23 hrs 48 min
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    32.3m in Dahab, Egypt
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    55 min in Dahab, Egypt
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    2012-09-10 Egypt Dahab
    Tropitel House Reef

    Nice dive on the house reef, with Sammy The guide to check our skills. once done the two mandatory skills we were able to explore the house reef. Great to be back in warmer waters and lots of fish to see. started the dive with 13kgs slightly over weighted will try with less next dive.

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    2012-09-15 Egypt Dahab
    The Canyon Tropital House Reef

    Last dive of the trip. we entered the water at Canyon and descended down to 30ms and then gently drifted along the reef slowly ascending to the safety stop at 5m before exiting the water at the tropital House Reef Of note - Chris taking Pic of Anemone fish and the small scale scorpion fish at end of the dive.

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    2012-09-11 Egypt Dahab
    El Shugarat

    First Boat dive. we did a giant stride entry from the boat and then did a drift dive down into the canyon and then a slow ascent alone the reef, until the safety stop at 5m and then deployed the SMB for the boat to come and collect us. Great fish and lots of large Gorgonian corals. Exit was by means of grabbing hold of the rope thrown from the boat and then holding on until it was your turn to climb up the ladder onto the boat. Hard work with fins on!!!!

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    2012-06-20 United Kingdom East Midlands
    Stoney Cove

    Adventure Dive - multi level Dive Planning - Advanced Open water course. We started our dive with a surface swim to the Stanegarth. we descended slowly down the line to the wreck and the explored the wreck at 19 meters for approximately 5mins before heading down the anchor line and following this along the bottom at around 22 meters for approximately 7mins then we ascended to the 7 meter shelf and went to see if the Pikes were hanging around in the reeds (they were) :-) Great Dive..

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  • PADI Advanced Open Water (Jun 2012)
  • PADI Open Water (Apr 2012)







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