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  • Sydney-sider, regular diver. I usually works as a writer in film, TV, books and digital media. But frankly I'd rather be underwater... I'm enthusiastic about ocean-science and marine ecologies and recording dives and marine species. My unusual sightings are submitted to the RedMap project and selected photos and videos featured in the Australian Museum's Find-A-Fish online resource
    Mainly diving Sydney and NSW Coast.

Places I've Dived

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  • Dives published:116
  • Total dives count:117
  • Dives this year:11
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:3 days 19 hrs 23 min
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  • Deepest Dive:
    30.8m in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia
  • Longest Dive:
    76 min in Sydney, Australia
  • Pictures in logbook:295
  • Number of species spotted:1780

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Favorite Dives

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    2012-10-19 Australia Kurnell
    Voo Doo

    Hot and sunny, great conditions. But undersea the surge was very strong and continued throughout the dive to push us around. Followed the channel toward the arch but turned left before entering it and followed the kelp beds down towards the the sandline. A cascade of small ledges, cracks and boulders gave plenty of knocks and crannies to explore. A Weedy Sea Dragon with tail covered in eggs floated among the kelp and on the return a large bull ray sat on the sand staring at us before flying away. Saw a Victorian Scalyfin - bright yellow and blue with dotted lines on head and blue spot on dorsal. THis is very unusual as these fish are generally only found in southern waters Victoria, Tas and WA. Weedy Sea Dragon with eggs Eastern Hullafish Maori Wrasse Rock Cale Silver Drummer Mado Silver Sweep Old Wives White Ear Girdled Scalyfin One-spot pullers Red Morwong Crimsonband Wrasse Bull Ray Bulleye Sergeant Baker Lizardfish Crested Hornshark Victorian Scalyfin

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    2013-10-25 Australia Sydney
    Bare Island West

    Conditions could have been perfect but alas, not… On the surface it was sunny and clear and calm but underwater the visibility was terrible. Down to a murky, snotty 2m at times. And the marine life seemed to be in hiding and uninspired to venture out in the gloom. The highlight was spotting a rare Red Indian Fish and a very curious Moray Eel who got very unclose and personal with the camera. Mado Red Indian Fish 1/2 banded sea perch Reaper cuttlefish Blue groper Crimsonband wrasse Red Morwong Immaculate damselfish Hullafish White ear Maori wrasse Lizardfish Cardinalfish Black saddle Goatfish

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    2012-08-17 Australia Clovelly
    Shark Point

    Beautiful warm sunny winter day. But the wind was very stiff from the north and created substantial wind swell. Clovelly however was largely protected by the cliff and facing south was quite calm. Entered from the rock shelf at Shark Point facing south. Swam out 20m and descended. Passed over reasonably flat kelp bed before defending over drop-offs down to sand line running as a kind of gully between the rock legged and other large boulders. Followed the rock shelf on the left heading north east around Shark Point. Turned at 150bar in order to leave enough air for the longer return swim. Returned back past entry point, over break-wall and exited in Clovelly pool. Huge schools of Old Wives. (I've never seen so many together in one place, more than 50) Blue groper Crimson banded wrasse Port jackson shark Sergeant Baker Half banded sea perch Variegated Lizard fish 3-Bar Porcupine Fish Big Scale Bullseye Cardinal Fish Black Reef Leatherjacket Luderick Red Morwong Girdled Scalyfin One-Spot Pullers Rock Cale Comb Wrasse Pink Banded Grubfish Herring Cale

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    2013-08-16 Australia Kurnell
    The Monument

    Still beautiful sunny conditions for this second dive but the wind had picked up quite stiffly from the north-west and was rather cold. This time we entered near Sutherland point but swam west towards and past Monument. Sponges and corals were excellent. Visibility was significantly lower however, despite the incoming tide. And it got murkier the further into the bay we went. But the macro subjects were great and an excellent variety of sea life including 2 huge Bull rays, one missing a tail. Blue lined goatfish Blue Groper Cardinalfish Hullafish Herring cale Crimsonband wrasse Mosaic seastar Senator wrasse Old wives White ears Immaculate damselfish Morowong Weedy Sea Dragons Mado Half banded sea perch 6 spine leatherjacket Port jackson sharks x4 Big Belly Seahorse Blind shark Kapala Stingaree Green moray eel Giant cuttlefish Black saddle goatfish Eastern pomfrets Banded seaperch

My Certifications

  • PADI Wreck Diver Specialisation (Sep 2013)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water (Nov 2011)
  • PADI Open Water (Nov 2011)
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