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  • Sydney-sider, regular diver. I usually works as a writer in film, TV, books and digital media. But frankly I'd rather be underwater... I'm enthusiastic about ocean-science and marine ecologies and recording dives and marine species. My unusual sightings are submitted to the RedMap project and selected photos and videos featured in the Australian Museum's Find-A-Fish online resource
    Mainly diving Sydney and NSW Coast.

Places I've Dived

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  • Dives published:114
  • Total dives count:115
  • Dives this year:9
  • Total underwater time on Diveboard:3 days 17 hrs 54 min
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    30.8m in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia
  • Longest Dive:
    76 min in Sydney, Australia
  • Pictures in logbook:290
  • Number of species spotted:1725

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Favorite Dives

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    2013-06-07 Australia Cronulla
    Oak Park

    Followed same dive path as previous dive. This time swam faster and more directly to the cave. Once there we swam up and over the lip of the cave to the spot known as 'Fish Soup'. A series of channels and gaps where dense schools of fish gather. Here we encountered 2 very large giant cuttlefish that curiously posed for photo as well as a large wobegong. Blue groper Wobegong 3 Giant cuttlefish Comb wrasse Crimsonband wrasse Schools of scad Pomfrets Yellow Box Fish Starts and Stripes Toadfish Red Rock Cod Hullafish Cardinal fish Mado Red Morwong Nudibranch - Jorunna Sp White ear Goatfish Bullseye schools Old wives

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    2013-10-11 Australia Kurnell, NSW
    The Leap To Steps

    Early morning was windy and rain but quickly started to clear. The entry point was a bit washy but swell was low. Swam out north from the shore and dropped into 5m. Headed down to the sand line and followed the kelp and rocks on our left West as a one-way drift dive to the Steps on the reasonably strong incoming tide. Encountered huge schools of Pomfrets and the vis was quite good. It reduced a bit in the 2nd half of the dive but still decent. Found a male weedy sea dragon with a tail covered in eggs. Old wives Reaper cuttlefish White ear Crested Horn shark Sea Perch Weedy sea dragon Black reef leather jacket Immaculate damselfish Blue groper Luculentus wrasse Snakeskin wrasse Eastern pomfreds Red morowong Mado Yellowtail scad Senator wrasse Cardinalfish Half banded sea perch Black banded sea perch Crimsonband wrasse Scalyfin

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    2012-12-18 Australia Sydney
    Fairy Bower

    A very high tide along with clear sunny conditions and very little wind made for a great dive.  We entered from the boat ramp at Shelly beach, surface swam out about 100m and dropped down in about 5m of water. We then followed the kelp and boulders around past fairy bower. Though the dive was shallow, maxing only 8m, it was long both on time and distance. - 75mins and we swam a very long way. Huge variety of sealife and the boulders and crevices in the later part of the dive were excellent. Vis was a little silty with particles but otherwise very good and the shallow depth meant there was plenty of light. Schools of old wives and yellow tail barracuda were abundant, leather jackets, rays and a giant cuttlefish.  We turned at 100bar and realised how far we had come. Return swim was less meandering an much more direct.   Rainbow cale Fire damsel Wobegong Blue groper Giant cuttlefish Maori wrasse Mado Blackspot goatfish Red Morwong Luderick (blackfish) White ear Leatherjackets - 6 spine - yellow stripe Flathead (V large) Rock clae Senator wrasse Yewllowtail Barracuda school Lizardfish Herring cale Bullseye Yellow tail scad

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    2013-09-28 Australia Terrigal, New South Wales
    Ex Hmas Adelaide

    Sunny, hot and beautiful day for the first day of the Wreck Specialty Course. Also my first dive with my new RX100/Ikelite camera rig. After back-roll in form boat we descended to the main mast. The first 10m of water were rather murky but below that it cleared to a good 15m. We circled the base before heading along the port-side toward the stern, swimming over the upper deck. Saw schools of Bream, Kingfish and Leather jackets. Turned back from the end of the upper deck to return to the mast. Circled slowly up the mast to safety stop and surface. Silver bream Reaper cuttlefish Kingfish (schools) Blotched Hawkfish Half banded sea perch Old wife Pennant Bannerfish Red Morwong Leatherjackets - Black reef - Six Spine Sergeant Baker Silver sweep Girdled scaly fin Crimsonband wrasse

My Certifications

  • PADI Wreck Diver Specialisation (Sep 2013)
  • PADI Advanced Open Water (Nov 2011)
  • PADI Open Water (Nov 2011)
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