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  • 18 # Date: 2012-01-22 - 09:10
  • # Max Depth: 20m Duration: 38mins
Diver's Notes

Large swell and windy conditions directly out of the east prevented going to planned LongReef dive site and we had to dive inside the heads. There was still significant swell and some degree of seas sickness for a few people.
Descended to bottom and headed south along rockline adjacent sand. Easy swim with tide and current. Return journey back to bed not so easy against current which became quite strong.
One fellow diver ran down to less that 10bar of air and had to surface and safety stop buddy breathing.
Saw my first octopus.
Crimson banded wrasse
Schooling bullseyes under rock ledges
Maori wrasse
Sponge gardens
Old wives
Leather jackets
Not at much by way of fish life as pervious dives in similar area.

Dive Profile

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  • Temp: Bottom 20°C
  • Dive type : Recreational
  • Visibility: Average Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • BCD: Oceanic - Excursion 2
  • Regulator: Oceanic - Delta 4.2
  • Regulator: Oceanic - CDX5 First Stage
  • Camera: GoPro - Hero
  • Weights: 8 kg
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