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  • 39 # Date: 2012-06-29 - 11:40
  • # Max Depth: 21m Duration: 40mins
Diver's Notes

Previous dive to this on same day had virtually no visibility at all & so by comparison this dive was ok. Very murky & lost of water particles. Made photography very difficult. But there was some more interesting sea life & starting with breeching humpback whales seen from the boat.

Dove west from the anchor line following the verge between rocks and sand line. Old Mans Hat has fantastic sponge gardens and soft corals. Returned east back to anchor line for surface.
Port Jackson shark
Black reef leather jackets in numerous pairs
Blue grouper
Pigmy rock cod and red rock cod
Red morwong

*multi level dive - did not exceed NDL

Dive Profile
Dive Location

  • Temp: Bottom 16°C
  • Dive type : Recreational, Boat
  • Visibility: Bad Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • BCD: Oceanic - Excursion 2
  • Camera: SeaLife - DC1400
  • Regulator: Oceanic - Delta 4.2
  • Regulator: Oceanic - CDX5 First Stage
  • Camera: GoPro - Hero
  • Weights: 8.5 kg
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Dive Profile

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Species Identified

Heterodontus portusjacksoni (Meyer, 1793) (Port Jackson shark) A common shark of the continental shelves , from close inshore at the intertidal zone to 275 m . Segregates by sex and maturity stage . Nocturnal, hides in caves and rocky gullies during the day . Feeds on benthic inver...
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Achoerodus viridis (Steindachner, 1866) (Wrasse) Found in coastal rocky areas at depths to about 40 m . Max. length for female species . Protogynous hermaphrodite .
Ophthalmolepis lineolata (Valenciennes, 1839) (Maori wrasse) Found in coastal bays to offshore reefs, often in loose aggregations .
Scorpaena cardinalis Solander & Richardson, 1842 (Red rock cod) Inhabits rocks, crevices and caverns at all depths. Occasionally found in large rock pools in the lower littoral zone. Is nocturnally active and feeds mainly on small mobile benthic animals. Stalks its prey and swallows it whole .
Brachaluteres jacksonianus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) (Pigmy leatherjacket) Found in estuaries, coastal reefs and offshore islands .
Enoplosus armatus (White, 1790) (Bastard dory) Juveniles live in estuaries while adults occur in estuaries and on inshore and offshore rocky reefs and seagrass beds . Found either in large schools, in pairs or as solitary individuals . Neither anterolateral glandular groove nor venom gland is present .
Eubalichthys bucephalus (Whitley, 1931) (Black reef leatherjacket) Occurs on the continental shelf . Observed in pairs, secretly moving about in and out of holes among boulders .

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