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4 Easy Ways To Share Your Passion For SCUBA Diving!

by SKuba Steve on November 25, 2014

Diving is cool… not just a little bit cool… it’s REALLY cool! Having dive experience and being a part of the SCUBA community makes each of us a member of a fortunate group. The great news is that this group is always looking for new members and as ambassadors of the SCUBA community (aka – SCUBAvangelists) we enjoy drawing people into the sport,  either vicariously through our own dive stories or quite literally by introducing them to diving for themselves.

Here are 4 ways you can share your SCUBA! Dive In to the Under Pressure Dive Blog for more!


6 Things to Love About Duct Tape in Your SCUBA Kit

by SKuba Steve on September 10, 2014

Duct tape is handy to have in the garage, the laundry room, in your office desk or even your sock drawer but did you know that white duct tape can be a valuable addition to your SCUBA diving kit?

Here are six reasons to throw a roll of duct tape into your kit in a cool new info-graphic (above). (driven by if you’re interested)Dive in to the full blog post for more!


Tips for SCUBA Travel - eBook

by SKuba Steve on August 20, 2014

Hi Diveboard Buddies,

If you travel with SCUBA gear then you know there can be a LOT to think about  as you plan your trip.

In this short eBook I share things I've found to be helpful when I'm getting ready to go on a dive trip either by air or auto. Click the book cover photo or the link at the bottom of this post.

This is currently available in PDF or ePub format.

This link is not public but not really secret either. If you travel for SCUBA please consider downloading it and if you can fill out the feedback on the bottom of the page after you've gone through it. 

In the coming months I'm going to update it and put it out publicly but I'd love some input from interested divers first. ...


Looking for a fitness monitor that will dive with you? Look no further!

by SKuba Steve on July 14, 2014

The Shine from Misfit Wearables is the only fitness monitor I've been able to find that is rated for diving. From personal experience I can tell you that it works!

Read more here!


Destinations of Opportunity

by SKuba Steve on June 12, 2014

There you are... you're traveling for business or visiting your relatives; walking down a boardwalk... and then it hits you... 'I could be diving!'

How often do you take the opportunity to go SCUBA diving when you are traveling for other reasons? Do you avoid packing your gear if you're not going on a 'dive trip' simply because you'd only get one or two dives in anyway?

I know I have. I've been to California and the northeast plenty of times to get some dives in but left my gear at home. Why?

Here are 5 reasons divers lose dive opportunities!

It's too much to carry.

That's not the point of this trip.

The airlines charge too much for checked bags. ...


New Podcast for Divers - The Under Pressure Divecast!

by SKuba Steve on May 27, 2014

Hi Divebuddies around the world!

I just released the 2nd episode of the Under Pressure Divecast and would really appreciate your feedback.

The Under Pressure Divecast is a podcast about recreational SCUBA. I cover one main topic in some detail. After that I have a 'Tip of the Week' segment and finally I close the show with a brief discussion about a piece of gear.

You can find the divecast and related show notes on the Under Pressure Diveblog web site here.

You can also find it in iTunes here (note... this is the US podcast link for iTunes) or on Zune or Blackberry Podcast directories. ...


We just certified some new dive buddies! Check out the video!

by SKuba Steve on May 21, 2014

Many thanks and congratulations to all our new Dive Buddies. You guys rocked it! I know that I speak for Alan, Todd, Dave (Homestead Crater instructor extraordinaire) and I when I say we had a great time working with you and hope you had as much fun as we did as you dove through your certification to begin your adventures as open water SCUBA divers!

Check out the rest of the post on the Under Pressure Dive Blog!

SKuba Steve

'The surface interval's over... get out there and dive!'


Snorkel Pros, Cons and Solutions

by SKuba Steve on May 14, 2014

Why do divers carry a snorkel? Don’t they have air already?!

If you’re not a SCUBA diver this is an understandable question. Why would we have a snorkel if we’re already carrying air in a cylinder on our backs?

And, if you are a diver do you ever ask yourself this question or have you ever left your snorkel in your dive bag (you don’t have to admit it out loud… just let the voice in your head do the talking).

The answer to the first question is, of course, we do have air but there are some good reasons for carrying a snorkel as a SCUBA diver and some problems as well.

Dive in for more!


Cnidariapocolypse III – The Final Rapture!

by SKuba Steve on April 18, 2014

In Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2N… well 2Narced! our daring divers averted disaster for themselves but the threat to civilization lingered.

Somewhere… in the deep dark abyss… was… the monster…

…or was there?

Dive in for more on my blog - Cnidariapocolypse III - The Final Rapture

Photo by Derek Keats. Used with permission.


Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

by SKuba Steve on April 16, 2014

In the last exciting episode of Cnidariapocolypse our intrepid divers were confronting both the great cnidarian leviathan and the ‘rapture of the deep’.

…and let’s face it things were not looking good…

You may have been there yourself at some point; found yourself mid-dive with a buddy that just wasn’t quite all there (assuming they were normally there in the first place – divers can be a silly lot).

Problem solving underwater is a key element to safe and enjoyable diving and this is how Doug and I kept things together and survived the Cnidariapocolypse.

Dive in to read more... Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

SKuba Steve ...


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