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  • 23 # Date: 2012-01-28 - 18:06
  • # Max Depth: 24.2m Duration: 37mins
Diver's Notes

Squid Run

Dive Profile
Dive Location

  • Temp: Surf 16°C Bottom 14°C
  • Dive type : Night dive, Deep dive
Specific gear used
  • BCD: Zeagle - Brigade w/ trim pockets
  • Boots: Henderson - Aqualock 7mm size 12
  • Gloves: Henderson - Aqualock 3mm L
  • Hood: Henderson - Aqualock 7mm L
  • Mask: Scubapro - Orbit
  • Other: XS Scuba - Lead shot (2x5,2x4,4x2)
  • Regulator: Atomic Aquatics - T2X
  • Regulator: Atomic Aquatics - SS1 Titanium
  • Wet suit: Henderson - Aqualock 7mm XL
  • Knife: Deep Sea - Wanoka (Zeagle Brigade)
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Dive Profile

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Species Identified

Pennatulacea (sea panzies)
Loxorhynchus grandis Stimpson, 1857 (sheep crab)
Atelecyclidae (horse crabs)
Octopoda (Ahtapotlar)
Pagurus (hermit crabs)
Heterodontidae (Bullhead, horn, or Port Jackson sharks)
Gobiosoma nudum (Meek & Hildebrand, 1928) (goby)
Musculista senhousia (Benson, 1842) (senhouse mussel)
Clypeasteroida (sand dollars)
Anthozoa (anemones and corals)

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