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  • 5 # Date: 2012-06-09 - 10:16
  • # Max Depth: 7.6m Duration: 57mins
Diver's Notes

Today, the wave was so high when I was on the boat. And, it is my first fun dive (diving with Also, first dive with my own gears (mask, snorkel, fin, dive computer). It gave me a lots experience in scuba diving which I could not forgettable. Nearly end of dive, I dove to the head of the island with my buddy then, we were pushed into the strong tide. We knew that we have to go back or do something before we were moving too far from the boat and no one finally cannot find us.

So, we tried to swim back but it was very hard to go ahead even a metre. At that moment, I was exhausted ,and would like give up ,and ask my buddy to go to the surface but my buddy not agreed. She suggested me to stay down as much as I can so that I can avoide the tide. And, we kept going gradually. I try so much to push myself ahead and luckily my buddy hold my guage and drag me with her. Suddenly, I found a middle size of branch tree (size like my arm). I picked it up and use it to push me ahead. But, It broke as it might be underwater for long time, then I try to hold a rock to move ahead.

Finally, I can get out of the tide and swim back with the 30 bar of air.

Dive Profile
Dive Location

  • Temp: Surf 30°C
  • Dive type : Recreational, Drift
  • Visibility: Bad Water: Salt
Specific gear used
  • Computer: Suunto - Zoop
  • Fins: Mares - Superchannel
  • Camera: Nikon - AW100
  • Weights: 4 kg
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Dive Profile

  • 1. Air
  • 0L Steel     220 → 20 bar
  • Average depth: 5.1m
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